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Special Note: Our USB to serial adapters using FTDI Chip no longer require any Drivers on windows XP service Pack 2, Now you are able to install usb com serial usb adapter within seconds of receiving our shipment. No more searching for usb to serial drivers, true plug-and-play support for new windows XP users. USB-RS-232 serial adapter from Serial Gear are tough and easy at the same time, our usb serial converter will last you a lifetime while easy to use software provided for Windows 98 windows ME windows 2000 will not give you any trouble in getting item to work. Some of our usb to serial adapters even support MAC OS 9.1 and OS X as well as Linux.
  • Many Names have been used to describe USB to Serial Adapters including: usb to serial cable (same as our part number UCT-345)
  • usb serial adapter
  • usb to serial
  • usb to serial converter
  • usb to serial port
  • usb serial adapter for windows XP windows 2003 and Windows Vista
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