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One Meter (3ft.) eSATA - eSATA External Triple Shielded SATA Cable

Part # eSATA-1M

Status: EOL - 999 Remaining

3ft. (1-Meter) eSATA to eSATA Cable

One Meter (3ft.) eSATA - eSATA External Triple Shielded SATA Cable

Part # eSATA-1M
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Premium Quality Shielded SATA cables for maximum performance! Constructed of ultra high quality materials. Triple Sshielded for Perfect Data Transfer.

Triple Shielded ULTRA SATA II up to 6GB SATA III External Cable Shielded eSATA to eSATA (Type I)

High Quality eSATA Cable construction Guarantees superior performance.

Shielded to guarantee fast data transfers, these cables are the best!

Interconnection between host computer & external SATA II device (HDD Enclosure) eSATA signal cable, shielded molded cable eSATA Type I 7-Pin SATA External Device Data Cable

These cables are for connecting eSATA device to an eSATA Host card. Both ends are the same.

Use Certified eSATA cables to achieve the best quality and performance for your external eSATA connections Hi-Speed High Performance , SATA & eSATA Cables External Shielded

Manufactured using the finest materials and triple shielded to guarantee fast data transfers these cables are the best money can buy.

SATA II External Cable for SATA II external hard drive enclosures.

SATACable brings you the best with superbly constructed ultra-high quality materials and shielded for perfect impedance and data protection. These shielded cables are the smart way to hook up your external SATA Hard Drive Enclosure, eSATA RAID enclosures and other eSATA devices. SATA II cable is meant for use with external SATA II hard drive enclosures serving up 1.5 GB/s and up to 6 GB/s. This SATA cable in conjunction with a SATA II enclosure provides the means to achieve a high data transfer rates that can not be achieved with USB or Firewire technology



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Manufacturer: --Warranty: --Availability: EOL - 999 Remaining
Barcode: --Ship Weight: 1.00Condition: New
Part Number: eSATA-1MColor: --Length/Size: --


Manufacturer: --
Barcode: --
Part Number: eSATA-1M
Warranty: --
Ship Weight: 1.00
Color: --
Availability: EOL - 999 Remaining
Condition: New