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2x 422/485 USB

Multi Port Dual Port USB to RS-422 and USB to RS-485 adapters include hex nut tightening and terminal block connection.

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USB-2COMi-M USB to Dual RS422/RS-485 Industrial Adapter

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Support for your existing RS422 and RS485 serial devices doesn’t disappear because your new computer doesn’t have serial ports. The USB-2COMi-M USB to Dual Serial Adapter supports 2 DB9 high speed communication with 128 byte FIFO, Terminal Block and 2-pin DIP Switch mode control.

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Part# USB-2COMi-M

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USB2-4COM-SI-M - 4-Port RS-232 USB-to-Serial Adapter, with Optical-isolation and Surge Protection, Metal Case

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Optical isolation and surge protection are available on serial port and is individually optically isolated with 2000 volt DC optical isolation on 8 signal pins, GND is isolated by 5V DC-to-DC converter. The optical isolation protects your computer from spikes and surges.

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Part# USB2-4COM-SI-M

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2 Port USB to RS-422 /485 Optical Isolated Adapter

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This 2-Port USB to RS-422/485 serial adapter allows you to add two RS-422 or RS-485 serial ports by connecting to a USB port. This adapter offers 2000V optical isolation and 25KV ESD surge protection.

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