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USB to Serial Adapter RS-232 DB-9 Male - Windows 10, 8, 7 and Mac
Model No. USBG-232
$ 19.90
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USB RS-232 Serial Adapter FTDI USB Adapter with LED Tester
Model No. FTDI-LED
$ 21.95
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10-Port USB 3.2 Gen 1 Mountable Charging and SuperSpeed Data Hub
Model No. USBG-BREC3010
$ 50.59
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USB to Serial Adapter RS-232 Cable DB-9 Male for Windows and Mac
Model No. USBG-232MINI
$ 20.85


Featured Items

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Industrial 8-Port DB9 RS232 to USB Adapter with FTDI Chip 921.6Kbps
Model No. CS-42082
$ 179.95
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4-Port Industrial USB 2.0 Powered Variable Voltage Input
Model No. USBG-4U2ML
$ 57.99
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USB to Serial 2 Port Pro Serial Converter - TX/RX LED COM Retention
Model No. USA-FTDI2X
$ 32.87
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USB 3.2 Powered 4 Port Mini Hub with ESD & Surge Protection
Model No. CG-U3MINI4PH
$ 43.95
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USB USB 2.0 Serial high speed adapter box industrial 8-port RS-232 FTDI
Model No. USB2-8COM-M
$ 186.98
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USB to RS232 4 Port Profesional Serial Adapter with LED
Model No. USA-FTDI4X
$ 43.98